New winter painting.

“Chopping Firewood”

amish art chopping firewood timeline photo4″x4″ acrylic on wood

Dad and son are out chopping the firewood needed to keep this big house nice and warm for the family.

There is a tree farm in the background if you need a tree….

Can anyone spot the covered bridge?

My Amish inspired folk art paintings on wood are one of a kind original paintings that can be given as a special gift for any occasion.

Message me if you are interested in this painting.


My admiration, & respect for the Amish is what drives me to create my art…the peace I feel when I paint an Amish scene proves to me the Creator is in this with me…it’s a collaboration…He gave me the tools and commands me to share it with you the viewer…hoping to evoke a connection with you and God that goes beyond words, and conveying a sense of calm and peace.

Lately my work has taken me on a different path – painting in a sort of Folk Art tradition.

The simplicity of the rural Amish lifestyle and my interpretation through my recent paintings recall an earlier era when life was less frantic.

My use of bright colors, childlike perspective and not to scale characters, animals, houses, & barns is portraying daily life of the Amish in a way that I think offers an excitement, and vision of what the world was or should be like….offering a glimpse in to the lives of the Amish communities if you will.

Please enjoy all my paintings of Amish and rural landscapes.

“Alone Time”

amish art alone timeEverybody needs alone time ….a time to be silent, pray, & listen to God.

When I painted this piece I was in need of a little myself….I imagined myself sitting in a buggy somewhere quiet with the sky surrounding me staring up at the heavens.

I titled it “Alone Time” because it reminds me to take some quiet time for myself to commune with God more often.

4×4” acrylic on wood…comes with easel….stands nicely on an end table or a desk.

If you feel the same way and would like this piece please message me.

You can see more of my work here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amish-Buggy-Art/421483901235314


amish word art faith4×4″ acrylic on wood…small format art…come with easel.

“Hidden Buggy”

amish art hidden buggy4×4″ small format art…acrylic on wood..Message me if you would like this piece.

amish art impending storm a small format art piece….4×4″ comes with the easel….send me a message it you would like this piece.

Amish Art is back!

I have been away for quite while…creating new art and doing many local art shows.

I will be adding some new art here…I will be creating paintings of peaceful country scenes, with winding roads , barns, and of course always the iconic Amish buggy revealing a time when life was simpler.

I hope to get some input from you guys about some of the newer small format country scenes.

For now I am signing off and will add several new buggy paintings.